Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Curtain Delight

ljtourist is a great curtain hanger. For the record.

These things were not only faded but also disgustingly full of dust and dirt.

There were two panels here and a second set on the other end of the terrace. They all all now in the dumpster with an old toilet seat that was hiding behind the purple curtains. No idea why I hung on to it. The dumpster was happy to take it off my hands.

The painters cloths were made to be my curtains. One for each end of the terrace. No sewing needed. They are the perfect length and the perfect width and since it's not two panels they will hang in place far better than the narrow panels which often got whipped open by wind.

And the lighter color makes the terrace seem far more open.

I feel like I've been fretting over the curtain issue since forever and now it is has just the best fix ever PLUS, it's replicable.

After curtain hanging Frank and I wandered through the 'hood to Tats for a late lunch and it was massively delicious. The temperature today is a little warm but not hot enough for the a/c and there's a nice breeze if you are outside walking.

Just a nice nice day all around. Now I think I'm going to watch the Olympics Opening Ceremony and other stuff while I knit some.

The doll du jour and bear from this morning:

The adoption lady let me know, in the nicest way possible, that she really could use more bears so there will be a solid bear production focus this month. I need to up my bear game.
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