Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

gumpy grumpleskin

I think it started when the game went on too long last night and then was capped off by Yet Another Loss. Then my bed remote wouldn't work even with new batteries. (I finally fixed it.) Then I kept waking up all night with massive dry mouth. Then... etc.

Sat at an intersection for 7 minutes coming home from the pool waiting for a train and then another train. My blinds are set to lower every morning but today they didn't. It's going to be one of those days, I can just feel it.

I'm not particularly grumpy now but I feel like i could get there in a flash. I need to breathe. And, more importantly, get over myself.

I did sell my old router on Amazon yesterday for half of what it cost me originally. Not bad since I used it successfully for two years. I'm happy. I have a wireless extender for sale there now but I really don't care if it sells or not. Amazon only charges you if/when sale is made so it can stay listed forever it it wants to. Everything I've ever listed has sold eventually.

My new curtains are massive - 9x12 feet. They are a bit awkward to iron. My carpet is synthetic so laying it out and ironing it there would mean carpet melt. So I did a so so job of it using the bed as my ironing board. They wrinkles come out easily so I'm thinking the ones I miss will hang out eventually. I ironed one last night and will do the other today.

ljtourist graciously agreed to come help me hang them tomorrow. I think that's going to be so much safer than my doing it alone. Plus, being out there in the dust messing with dusty old curtains and hanging the new ones over the dusty cabinets will wreck havoc with my lungs so having help will keep the exposure time minimal. And tomorrow's supposed to be cooler.

Yesterday I wanted a scrambled egg burrito and I made one and it was delicious but it was kind of a pain. Bowl for scramble. Plan for cooking. Too much stuff. I had heard of microwaving scrambled eggs and so this morning I gave it a go and I think I'm declaring victory! The only down side is volume. Two microwave scrambled eggs seems like 4. I think next time I'm going to try it with only one egg.

This morning I need to box up the router so I can drop it off at the post office on the way to deliver the dolls and bears. And then I need to make some more dolls. When I finish a bear or a doll, I put them on the chairs here in the living room that normally face me. They are lovely company. But, on delivery day, the chairs are empty and oh so lonely. I have a bear nearly finished and I'll do at least one doll today so it will be better soon.
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