Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Packing 'em up

The new curtains arrived - heavy duty painter's drop cloth - and they are so perfect, that I cannot stand it.

I can almost get them up, I think. The main issue might be falling off the ladder over the edge of the terrace down four stories to the pavement. But, hey, at least the installation issue would be moot. Not happening today anyway. Too hot. Too sunny. And I need to press them at least a little to get the folding wrinkles so they will fall out. I was going to wash them out but did a scan of the Amazon reviews to learn that others before me had tried that and it didn't work PLUS they shrink and I can't afford shrinkage. So I'm just going to press them as best I can and hang.

I killed at least 90 minutes working on a new computer scenario. I like having my Twitter feed on auto pdate so I can kind of keep an eye out on it. I've been keeping it in a split window on my laptop but too many websites are coding for full screen these days and my setup is getting annoying. So I moved my Nexus 7 tablet with the Fenix app in play and now have Twitter scrolling on it. Not bad except Zoey keeps knocking the tablet off the table. Amazon's sending a fix. Tomorrow.

Two dolls done. I tried for a cat eye pair of eyeglasses. Getting better still, I think.

The bears are packed up and the dolls are next and then I think I'll take the rest of the day off.

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