Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

This 'n' that

Today is pack up dolls day and photo bears on the couch and then pack them up day. Off they go to the adoption agency tomorrow. I try to make each one solid and substantial. I sew on the buttons and doodads with extra strong thread and with extra stitches. But, really, the idea that some little creature who has already had sad life challenges might love one of these dolls so much that a button pops or a spiked hair gets pulled out, just makes me smile. I hope each of them gets dirty and out of shape and chewed on and hugged to death.

Also today I'm going to clear out my pots and pans. I have 9 frying pans. I use 3. 6 need to find a new home. I'm thinking the Free Shelf in the garage. I have two large cast iron grills. I have had both for several years. I have never used them once and can't think why I would. Free Shelf. Ditto with several other kitchen bits. I'm looking forward to shelf space.

I forgot my inhaler again this morning. I can't figure out why, all of a sudden, I'm having such a hard time remembering. I have pills I take every morning and I'm a routine/rut person by nature and I've sucked down this same inhaler every single morning for 5 years now. And, all of a sudden, it's slipping my mind??? I think it's a denial thing and that doesn't even make sense either. Happily, my forgetting it is not fatal.

Today promises to be hot but really for one day only. I'm totally appreciating this Summer and it's lack of lots of hot.

I think chores first and then sewing and baseball tonight with knitting. All in air conditioned comfort. Life is excellent.
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