Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

And one more thing

My grandmother always kept her kitchen garbage can under the sink (left hand side). My mother always kept a kitchen garbage can under the sink (left hand side) even when she had and also used a trash compactor. And, so, of course, because DNA and all that, I have - for the 47 some odd years I've had a kitchen, kept the garbage can under the sink (left hand side).

Until today. Yep. I'm breaking outta the mold. I'm going rogue. I'm turning my back on my genes.

Today arrived a really beautiful stainless steel step-on-the-pedal-to-open kitchen garbage can that is sitting right out (under the counter eave) in public!!

I ordered it from Amazon and it came while Amira (the cleaning lady) was here so we set it up together and moved the plastic bag from the old under the counter broken, dirty, 25 year old plastic under-the-sink garbage can to the new beauty. And then over the next hour, while she was here, took turns tossing trash into it with much fanfare.

It is hilarious and a little pathetic how much fun I am tossing trash this afternoon.

I'd say 'it's the little things' but this is huge, friends, I'm telling you this is HUGE!
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