Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


It's only 3 pm but I feel like it's already been a fuller day than most and I'm not even sure why. I've been very busy sewing and clicking mostly.

My first experiment was with my sewing desk. A while back I ordered some all purpose risers. Clear plastic add-on feet for a table or desk or bed and never used them. Today I decided to see what my sewing desk would feel like 1 inch higher. Initial results are very promising.

Then I tried out an idea I thought of the other day... using pipe cleaners for doll eye glasses. I'm not sure I love them but it could be more the execution rather than the raw material. I'm still thinking.

(So nanila you might want to hold off showing the doll below to Humuhumu. There's a chance I could do better with glasses. I'll be doing more experimenting in the next few dolls.)

And I marketing survey request for a COPD study that will pay me $200! That survey took some time but I'm totally fine with $200.

OH and ticklethepear totally solved the terrace curtain problem and so very elegantly!! Painter Drop Cloths. Amazon has them the perfect size. $40 on Amazon fixes the problem perfectly.

And I keep getting distracted by email and twitter. My housecleaner brought me a delicious dish of steak (which she pronounces like stoke - past tense of steak?) and potatoes. That will be my very good dinner tonight. Another game against Boston. And it heated up considerably but I got the a/c on in time to prevent the heat from getting inside.

The dolls du jour including the eyeglass experiment...

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