Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Cough... cough

I have this personal thing with the gym. On the days when the sun is not shining glaringly in my eyes, I walk up the stairs from the gym garage to the front door instead of taking the elevator. Their are five four-step flights from the garage to the street then around the corner into the gym's front door. I count it as part of my workout. And a kind of test to make sure I can still do it. Some days it's actually difficult and some days not at all. Weird. (Otherwise, in my life, I try to avoid stairs as often as possible.)

Today it wasn't really hard or easy but I noticed that when I got through the gym to the locker room I was really winded and coughing. My COPD is soooo much better than it was for several years that often I forget I even have it. I can go through days without even thinking about it which is kind of amazing and very cool. So now, when I can't breathe easily, it's generally a reminder that I forgot my morning inhaler. Yep. I think forgetting it is my little rebellion.

COPD is really embarrassing as it is totally caused by my own stupidity. By the time I started smoking at age 15, it was widely known that smoking could kill you. But, I lived in the part of the country who's economy at the time was totally dependant on everyone smoking a lot so everyone did.

Yesterday, I saw a tweet about the old days and candy cigarettes. I had not thought about them in years. This photo is not me but it sure could have been. My friends and I were pack-a-dayers in grade school.


I always had a pack in the little girl purse along with my dime.

Girls, particularly, always carried a dime for emergencies. Phone and toilet. Back in the olden days payphones* were prolific and most public toilets in the ladies room cost a dime.

Kind of hard to imagine today but you could not pee for free in restaurants, hotel lobby restrooms, department stores, IF you were a person of the female persuasion. If you had a penis, no problem - spray at no cost whenever and where ever you wanted. No penis - you pay OR crawl under the door for a free pee. If you were with a group, the first would crawl under and the rest would get a free ride, one after the other when the first came out and held the door open.

It was barbaric and they finally outlawed it in one city and then another and then the rest. Whew.

Those olden days were stressful - that's why we needed those candy cigarettes!!

*I saw a guy on a payphone a couple of weeks ago and nearly strained my neck with a double take. 1. There's a pay phone that works??!!!! 2. There's a person actually using a pay phone???!!!

It was outside the QFC at Westwood Shopping Center in West Seattle. Next time I'm there, if no one's using the phone, I'm going to look and see how much it costs to use it. And, probably I should get a photo...
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