Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Solving solving solving

I've had two projects/issues lingering around my brain for a while.

I have really long drapes/curtains to hide the cabinets out on the terrace. The ones there now are faded and looking sad. But, long curtains aren't cheap. I don't need them to look fabulous, just tidy and not sad. I can never remember the dimensions I need when I find curtain selections.

So today I got the dimensions and figured out that a king sized flat bed sheet will work. At least they are cheap enough to try. So the next time I'm anywhere they are selling king sized flat bed sheets, I'm going to pick up a pair.

Zoey's litter box has been successfully hidden in a lovely chest (think blanket chest) for way longer than she's even lived here. It's a nice looking wooden box with easy access and I can fit the box, the extra litter, the scoop and even a small waste basket to hold the zip lock bags of litter lumps. All in one handy, nice-looking-from-the-outside box. BUT said box is falling apart. It has been peed on a lot. And the hinge is broken. And it's not finished inside so hard to wipe down. So for years now, I have lined it - using the staple gun - with plastic shower curtain liners. Now the chest is really just a smelly wooden shell held together with old staples.

Back when I bought it, in 2005, fancy furniture to disguise litter boxes was rare. Now it's everywhere and I've looked before but this time I got serious and found exactly what I wanted from an Etsy vendor in Florida. It's pricey BUT if it lasts 10 years, not so much. I sent the shop owner a question and got a great response within minutes. I'm happy with my decision - all ordered. Probably be here in a couple of months.

Yesterday before John and Robert arrived, I went to get the ugly cat arch to take it down to the free shop and Zoey was, once again, napping in the middle of it. So I hid it in the bedroom. This morning I pulled it out and set it down back in the living. Assuming she had lost interest in it. I figured I'd take it down to the free shelf on my way to the ballpark tonight.

She has other ideas on the topic. I guess we'll keep it a little longer.

And I made some more boy dolls. I have one more cut out and ready to assemble and then I'm going back to girls. They are just more fun.

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