Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

No doll day

This morning I finally made it back to the sewing room but then decided it needed cleaning up before sewing so no dolls.

Then I went out to lunch with jwg and rsc. We went a couple of blocks over to a fancy schmancy Korean place I'd been wanting to try forever. It's gorgeous inside but the menu is kind of funky. They were game so off we went. We got a multi course spread for 3 that turned out to be pretty darned good. Weird but good.

Mainly the visiting was excellent. And they had a spare ticket to tomorrow night's baseball game and invited me!! They gave me the ticket in case our schedules get confusing tomorrow and I just checked the seats. Holy Crap. We are practically ON 1st base. I mean if either team needs help, we're a hop, skip and a jump from the actual field! I'm totally jazzed jazzed. I don't go to games often because it's one of the few things that I just don't enjoy by myself. Tomorrow will be perfect.

After lunch, they went to explore and I came home to sew but, I never got to a doll. I made a bag - pocketbook. The last one I made, in December, I think, has held up well but I needed it just a couple of inches wider and an inch more shallow and I needed the cellphone pocket a bit bigger to accommodate either the cellphone OR my sunglasses. Done. I like the new bag and it's just what I needed by the day was shot when I was done so... no dolls.

I got the pfaucet part today in the mail. Just the part. No explanation, not information, no nuthing just a funny looking cartridge. On the up side, Amazon sells it for $30. And, also with no info. But I have the video that my brother found so the next time that drip annoys me...

I had enough lunch that I think dinner is not necessary.
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