Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Well, that was fun and interesting

I did, indeed, hit the streets. It was deliciously cloudy and cool. I got on the bus and rode through town. I love it when I can see town out my window without having to drive. There were all kinds of people out today and plenty of them. Plus sailboats and float planes.

I got to Fremont and looked for the market which is not where it used to be because there is a building there now. But, to be honest, the last time I was at the Fremont market was somewhere in the neighborhood of 1995.

I ran into a gaggle of French speakers pouring over a guidebook and I asked if I could help. They wanted to go to the Chihuily museum so I explained it was near the Space Needle and not far. They asked about taking a bus - EASY PEASY. They asked about getting a cab (there were 7 of them) and I suggested the bus. We were across the street from the bus stop so I gave them the route number they needed and pointed the way. They were delighted. I hope they liked the museum. It is pretty cool.

Then on to the market which is really part craft and part flea and just wonderful. I had a fabulous time wandering around. It was still not hot and, since it was kind of early, not crowded. I ran into several more French speaking groups. I wonder if it's French week in Seattle.

I wandered around Fremont some and then the sun came out so I went tot he bus stop. Coming back the bus picked up Sounders fans at every stop. There's a huge game at 1pm.

I did have the thought as we rode through town that if I didn't live here, I would, right now, be making arrangements to move here. I love this place.

The bus got stopped by traffic and crowds and the driver was getting pissed and soon he kicked us all off but by that time we were only about 6 blocks from the stadium and my house so no biggie.

My fitness tracker is one happy camper again today.

And as I type this it is still only 12:40. I always think that because the Mariners play at 1 on Sundays that I don't have time to go anywhere. SO not true. I may well be hopping on that bus again soon. Especially on a cool day. This was just perfect today.

Now I think maybe I'll sew a little. The baseball isn't until 5. It's going to be a good game but it's on ESPN and the ESPN announcers suck. So I may watch it in mute.
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