Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Once again, someone left the gym unlocked last night. I met my swim buddy, Barrie, there about 20 to 8 and we just walked right in. We had been in the pool swimming for 15 mins before the front desk person even showed up. Seems like every Sunday is one issue or another. At least this one was in our favor. (But, seriously, gym... you need to lock your doors at night.)

It was pretty crowded and mostly with people we'd never seen before. Good that we had staked out our water real estate early. I actually thought I'd swum longer/harder than usual like yesterday but my fitness app said nope. 1.1 miles. Fine. Whatever.

Came home, fixed breakfast, sat down at laptop and been clicking away ever since. This is the only Sunday this season when I have no afternoon baseball game. I'm giving serious thought to taking the bus up to the Fremont Sunday Market and just walking around. The sun isn't out full strength. There is an easy bus.

Ok. I'm going to do it.
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