Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Crowd Sourced doll

So yesterday after my whining about my dolls lacking imagination these days, I got two comments that hit the mark.

venta suggested throwing boy dolls back in the mix and I poopood that saying I didn't like the way the boy dolls were turning out.

Then kinderheldin suggested eye glasses, which I had thought about before but never came up with a way to do them easily and in a manner that they would stay on.

This morning as I was swimming, I chewed on both of these ideas from a bunch of different angles and came up with some thoughts on how to move them from thumbs down to thumbs up. And I'm happy to report success on both fronts! So this is going to be boy* week. I'll be taking this month's dolls next Friday and until now there were no boy dolls. So there's room in the mix.

*I totally get that boys can wear dresses and pink and have braids but in the case of my dolls, boys are defined as dolls with pants and mostly less pink.

Exhibit A.

More after baseball.
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