Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Thursday afternoon

I think Zoey's been reading this journal. I wrote here - the day I picked up this silly bit of cat paraphernalia on the free shelf - that soon she'd be tired of it and I'd take it back to the free shelf.

It's her new living room home. Since we turned off the sewing machine light an hour ago, this is where she has been sitting just like this:

She doesn't use it to scratch or massage or do any of the things that the commercial said she is supposed to. She just sits there under the arch. I have company coming on Monday. I want to get that cheap piece of crap out of the living room. Maybe I'll get her to RockPaperSissors me for it.

I feel like the dolls are not creative enough recently. Like I don't have any new doll ideas. But, then I remind myself that really, no two are alike and what does it matter, they will go to different homes.

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