Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Busy day for blow jobs

The tire light on my car came on again yesterday. I suspect it is because it was the first day in a while that it's been really hot. So this morning, after my swim, I pulled into my now favorite tire place and went inside to see if someone had time to check me. All the bays were full, there was one woman waiting and a very frustrated, not very kind customer who was trying to talk the guy into doing a bunch of work and having it all finished before lunch. The tire guy was oh so patient and told him exactly what could happen before lunch and what couldn't. 'We're particularly busy this morning.'

So, I decided my blow job could wait another day. When I go back tomorrow after my swim, I will have only gone 10 more miles than today and I think that won't be crisis. I could have 1. done it myself at the $1 air pump or 2. stopped in at the tire store near my house but I really like my regular blow job guy so I'll take a chance and wait until tomorrow.

OMG, I just got an email from Social Security explaining that starting in August, you will now need to get a code via text to get into your account - in addition to username and password (which they require you change a lot). I get it and how important it is to keep stuff as safe as possible but still, a text every single time? Happily, I rarely need to go on that site. And I am grateful it's there with all my info so ok.

I did stop at the grocery store on the way home from the pool after the tire thing and I have yet to put the plunder away.

It's hot so I'm planning a lovely day indoors with the blinds keeping sun outside where, if it has to be, belongs. No baseball today but I have a new Vera, Murder in the First and Major Crimes on TiVo. (Hmmm seems to be a trend there.) But first there will be dolls.
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