Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

news leak or leak news

The other day when the a/c was off, the kitchen drip reminded me that Thom had not come yet and I needed to do something. So I sent my brother a message asking if he had a leak would he call a plumber, a handyman or fix it himself. He said he would probably fix it himself but I should call a handyman. Then he asked about my particular faucet and found a YouTube video that shows exactly how to fix it and it looks pretty easy.

But you need a part. So I went to the Pfister site to see what part number to order from Amazon and discovered that my pfaucet has some kind of bullet proof lifelong warranty. Click here, tell us the problem. So I did. And today, a few hours after I missed the plumber connection, I got an email that says:

"The parts necessary to repair your unit are being ordered for you at no charge under our product warranty, and should arrive within 7-10 working days. Your order number is #201607601808. The shipping has been waived for you on this order. "

How cool is that?

I washed all the fabric and my new $3.00 shorts. I will never wear short pants outside of this house but inside, they are perfect. I have them on now. The bargain of the week. I found storage homes for the fabric and the trimmings. And now everything is back in order.

I have fried chicken for dinner and I thought that it would be great to have some macaroni salad with it. But, no macaroni. But I had a little linguine so popped it into small pieces and then threw in some chopped celery (frozen not interested in waiting for thaw) and some chopped green onions (also frozen) and then realized I had no hard boiled eggs. Hard boiled a couple. They could have used another minute or two but whatever. Tossed it all with a little cream and mayo and seasoning and I'll betcha it's going to delicious.

Now I'm going to watch the baseball game. I did squeeze in one doll.

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