Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Zoey has less patience than I do

So. While I was swimming this morning I was thinking maybe tomorrow I'll do the oft talked about but also oft postponed trip to Walmart and Ikea. And then, as I swam on, I thought, why not go today and get it over with? So I did.

Zoey, was really not happy when I got home. She wanted food and now I don't know what she wants. She's knocked three things off the counter, meowed in my ear for 5 minutes and just now, she licked the latest note off the new Dry Erase Tape. Clearly she's has issues.

But, so do I now. I made a good haul at Walmart. I wanted to get some cheap knit fabric to try stuff out on. And I found exactly what I was looking for. Plus a whole lotta doll accoutrements and some $3.00 longish shorts for the hot days coming up.

At Ikea, I wanted to look at rolling chairs and stools and get another set of flatware and check on replacement drapes (for the terrace). I found one rolling chair that would work but it wasn't better-than-what-I-have enough to buy. Nothing spectacular in the drapes. So I got my knives and forks and split for home.

It was hot and exhausting. There was a wreck on the highway but Google warned me and gave me an exceptional alternate route. I'm very glad to be home. Very. I am such a homebody. It's ridiculous. And, of course, today of all days. I had asked the building manager to let me know next time Thom, the guy who does plumber work for the building and many of us residence, was here. I wanted to get him to look at the kitchen drip and tell me how to fix. He was gone for a month and then another couple of months went by and today, while I'm on my way out of town, the building manager called me to say Thom was here. Of course, by the time I got back Thom was gone. Oh well. It's still not a bad drip.

On the up side, my fitness tracker is deliriously happy.

Now I'm going to put stuff away and pick up the shit that Zoey knocked off and maybe sew and maybe not. Baseball is at 4.
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