Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The rest of the day so far

The oven installing guys did not have an easy time of it and even had to leave for about an hour to go fix something but assured me carefully that I would have an oven and be happy by the end of the day. When they came back they finally got it in. But, this time I made them check it by nuking some water and BAM same exact issue as last time when I didn't make them check it. And we found some other problems but finally, finally, finally - they got it in, exactly perfectly. The lead guy even left me his card with his contact info which I thought was very nice. And I managed to get some parts out of it, too. The oven uses a glass plate and a metal one. I'm always worried about the glass plate breaking and I use the metal one daily. They cost $75 and $50 respectfully. And I got a spare of each. Nice.

Once they left and I cleaned up, I did go to the library and then Office Depot. The Office Depot was to check out Back To School specials. Not great this year but I did score a couple of interesting things. I got a roll of measuring tape - masking tape with inches marked off. AND a roll of white board tape which I'd never hear of before. So now my laptop table is all decked out for school.

Then I stopped at MacDonald's and got a cheeseburger for lunch. I was more than a little embarrassed to realize that it was the second time today that I'd been through the drive through there. I'd pulled in to pick up a sausage biscuit after my swim and the same lady was on duty when I got my cheeseburger. I wonder if she's working the dinner shift too? I'm not going to drive through to find out. The cheeseburger was delicious. I hadn't had a MacDonld's hamburger in forever.

Then I made a couple of dolls and swizzled up the songs on my swimming iPod Shuffle which is now recharging. I have a lovely fat pork chop for dinner or fried chicken. I'm going to make a last minute snap decision.

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