Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

You are being watched

Zoey, just now, sitting on my lap, staring at the computer screen. I think she was just collecting her thoughts.

I rolled out of bed this morning into my swim suit and off to the pool. There was a guy in one lane doing a lazy side stroke. I'd seen him there once or twice before. When he got to the edge, I said "good morning" and he said "wow! you're early this morning! you usually don't get here til 6:30." He was spot on but I had no clue he had been taking attendance! I thought I paid close attention but turns out I'm a light weight in comparison.

The oven install guys are here. These are good ones. They figured out the front door call system easily and quickly. (I was watching on Front Door TV Network.) And they brought me an entirely new oven. They are slow and careful and friendly but not chatty. The head guy has already figured out two of the reasons the first two installs didn't work. I think we're on a clear path for getting a fix now.

After they finish, I think I'm going to make a quick run up to the library with a stop at the grocery and at Office Depot/Max. Today is cloudy and still a little cool. The next 4 or 5 days are going to be sunny and hot - great days to stay inside.

They are shooting a TV commercial for the Washington State Lottery outside my terrace. It's a period piece - the period being the 1970's. They have a babyshit yellow AMC Pacer and some other cars of the era and the period costumes. It's pretty wild. The Lottery has, for several years now, had some really renowned and creative advertisements. I'll be really interested to see this one when it hits the airwaves.

The baseball game is at 4 today.
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