Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I'm taking the rest of the day off - my fitness tracker says I can

Little victories... I got two 10 pound boxes of stuffing delivered and have room in the closet for both.

I got the email that my UPS package was delivered and when I went to get it, I saw the UPS guy had not taken the ball chair. BUT I could still see his truck so I went to find him. Turns out he had gone upstairs to deliver a package that needed signing and was going to pick it up on the way back. He was so sorry I had to walk all the way outside and across the street! He beeped it in immediately (often they wait until the end of the day) and so, by the time I got back upstairs, Amazon had refunded my money!

My brother found a how to fix my Pfister faucet leak on YouTube that looks like maybe even I could do it. So I went to the Pfister site to get the exact part number and discovered that my faucet leak may be covered under warranty. So now I have a case number... and a drip.

Tomorrow morning (between 8-10) the guy is supposed to come reinstall or install correctly the oven I bought 2 months ago and they have installed incorrectly twice. I'm fairly confident he'll show up. I'm not at all confident he'll do the job to completion. It does mean I need to get to the pool, swim and get home at least 15-20 minutes earlier than usual. Totally doable.

No baseball tonight but I do have a new episode of Vera waiting on TiVo.

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