Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Balls... and printer ballistic

So the ball chair is going back to Amazon. It's not horrible but it's not helping and it's too big and bulky and takes up too much valuable real estate to not be helping. So back it goes. I disassembled it all and stuffed it back into the carton (which I had kept) and went to print out the label.

And then had a massive battle with the printer. I won, but, to show that all is not forgiven, the damn thing is now spitting out printed pages I no longer want or need. It's kind of cracking me up.

I think what happened was that it dropped off the network and I didn't notice then when it got back onto the network, it got cranky and I was in a hurry so I grabbed a printer cable and hard wired the damn thing to my windows laptop. Of course, windows had to think and whirl and look and ask a zillion questions and the printer had to reboot and then it installed to instances of the printer. Holy Fucking Christ.

Finally I got a damn label. I went back into cloud printing and non cloud printing and deleted all the failed print jobs but, apparently, that wasn't good enough because it's still spitting them out... spitefully.

Now if the UPS guy will just pick up the box when he makes today's deliveries. Sometimes he does and sometimes he doesn't. Oh well. I'm expecting a delivery so I'll find out when it gets here and I go down and check.

This is what a spiteful printer does.

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