Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The people waiting in line to get their bracelet numbers yesterday so they could know where to stand in line for tickets today left a huge trashy mess all over the block which the stadium, apparently, is in no hurry to clean up. And today's lines are starting to form all ready.

Plus there is a big TV commercial being filmed all day tomorrow in the stadium parking lot and the road my garage empties out on. They were already there this morning, set up next door getting ready for tomorrow.

Lot's o' action in the 'hood. And it's hot out already. I guess Summer is really here. Happily it's only for about 6 weeks. Whew.

I had a delicious bit of financial irony happen this morning. My parents left some money to each grandchild to be doled out over the 4 years after high school. The last payment is going out next month. My financial advisor sends the actual check and this morning he allowed as how right now selling some MacDonald's stock to fund the check makes the most sense. So sweet. This youngest grandchild is my sister's daughter. My sister is the biggest food snob on the planet. She'd come closer to joining the NRA than eating anything from McDonald's. I'm having some great satisfaction over this particular final check. She'll never know it's origin story but I do.

When Amazon had it's July Prime Day, I bought a WaterPic. I've been using it religiously every day. I'd been thinking that it was pretty much a waste of money and effort not to mention a messy daily face shower. Until last night. Last night I was doing my waterpicking when I gynormous rock of plaque came out along with a couple of others. I now have spaces between my teeth at the gum line that I've only had on the few times I've had my teeth professionally cleaned. So wow. Guess maybe those nightly face showers are not a waste after all.

I've had some issues with my lower back recently. I'm sure it's related to poor sitting and standing posture and way too much of the former. Today, after swimming my laps, I did some water exercises - running and stretching out my legs and spine. I actually think it may have helped. Today will be a good test because there is no way in hell I'm going outside. I have a couple of CD's to pick up at the library but I think even those will wait until tomorrow. Too hot.
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