Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Murphy's Law of Deliveries

When stuff is delivered here, it is all taken to one spot in the garage. At the end of the day, the building manager goes through all the packages and sorts them according to unit number, locks them in a closet and sends out an email letting you know you have a package in the closet.

BUT, I much prefer to get my mitts on my stuff as soon as it arrives. If you wait, you have to unlock the closet and dig through everyone else's shit. So, I have USPS set up to send me a text when they deliver, ditto with UPS and FedEx. OnTrac and Amazon, I have to manually track but I do and as soon as something comes in for me, I go down to the garage and get it.

If I'm in no hurry and really don't care, my package always arrives early in the morning when it's kind of annoying to stop what I'm doing and go downstairs. But if I really really want whatever it is, it is the last fucking delivery of the day and delivered by either Amazon or OnTrac.

Usually Amazon delivers pretty early in the day. Always before lunch. Until today. Today I have some lights coming that I really really want and it's almost 4 and no sign or anyone or any lights. Sigh. Out for Delivery. Refresh refresh refresh.

Oh well. Also the baseball game was not good and we did not win. Oh well. The ticket crowd outside is still a really long line but now it's a stand up line and so, I suspect, they'll be gone shortly. Fried chicken for dinner with baked beans. I forgot lunch so dinner is going to be on Early Bird Special time.

I did get dolls finished and a few more cut out.

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