Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

And the record is broken

My tracker is set with a goal of 17,000 Misfit points a day. In my case that's a combo of swimming and actual steps. A while back I had a streak going of 65 straight days of reaching my goal. And then, somehow, I slipped. Now I'm back on track and today was day 66! Goal met. Whew. My only shot really at exercise is in the first part of the day. Afternoons aren't great and evenings are a lost cause. So if I don't hit my goal by 4 pm it's a problem. The rest of the day is gravy.

I did work hard to win the baseball game and was, thankfully, 100% successful.

Then I made some dolls.

Now I'm going to watch some TV. Pizza for dinner. Life is good.

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