Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Kenny Chesny Parade...

Kenny Chesney is doing a concert tonight in the football stadium. When I left for the pool this morning at 7:15, there were already local radio stations setting up their tents and the Porta Potty Enclave has been built. When they have country music concerts (and maybe other concerts - I don't remember) they bring in a bunch of porta potties. Some they put in the parking lot but about 25 or so are clustered in one spot next to and only accessable through the actual stadium. Apparently there are plenty of bathrooms for sold out football and soccer games but concert people need more pee options.

Then when I got to West Seattle (where the gym is), I ran into the Summer parade prep. Their Summer parade is a BFD - bands and floats and marchers of all kinds and it's about 13 miles long. It's a perfect morning for it. Not too hot and not too sunny. I gave a passing thought to sticking around to watch it. I love marching teams and marching bands.

But, I decided to come on home and watch the baseball game which started an hour before the parade. Plus, I didn't have any parade supplies with me. So I came home, made a lovely breakfast and now I am actually watching the game. Meanwhile Chesney frenzy is building across the street. Those people need to learn to pace themselves.

I was just flipping through news and spied a short piece about an upcoming NBC show. The work life of my long time LJ friend angelamermaid on TV!!

Emily, a spunky young insurance adjuster specializing in regular-people coverage against damage caused by the crime-fighting superheroes.
As a TV show, it could go either way. I sure hope it's great fun and a huge success.

My husband and his first wife (I was #2 out of 4 (that I knew of)) had 5 children. When we got married, they ranged in age from 2 years younger than I was at the time to 14. A couple of the younger ones (boys) were ambivalent about me, they rest thought I was evil. I didn't think much better of them. It was swell. One of the daughters was particularly difficult. Her name was Darby and whenever she would visit, I'd talk about Storm Darby.

Today there is a storm off of Hawaii. Storm Darby. I wonder what the human storm is up to these days.

And, yeah, if I were you, I'd judge the fuck out of anyone who marries someone 20 years older with five goddamn kids. Not my finest hour.

So far, the Mariner game is not working out great for the Mariners but it's early yet. I think maybe it needs my total attention.
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