Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I'm starving and I have, in house, ready to go, at least 4 great dinner options and another 4 mediocre ones. All of them will keep for several days so it does not really matter which goes tonight and which go on the next 7 nights. It's a plethora of dinner riches and a very hard choice. Kind of makes first world problems look like real problems!

I did go out this afternoon and should have waited until tomorrow. The sun was too bright and it was too hot but I survived. I really am driven by my stupid fitness tracker. I keep hearing how fitness trackers are just a waste of time and money. Not in my case. Not by a long shot.

But, I'm totally done for the day - hit my goal so it's ass on the couch until it flips to zero again at midnight. I have two more episodes of House of Cards and some other stuff on TiVo. And bears to knit.

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