Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I had to make an emergency stop at Safeway this morning after my swim because while I am not completely out of ice cream, I didn't have enough for tonight's dessert. All fixed now. Whew. I did have a lovely swim.

I'm loving summer at the gym. So many of the regulars have either given up swimming or have taken to the outside. I rarely have to share a lane and always get the middle one (my fav) and often am the only one in the pool. It's really luxurious.

Today there is nothing on the calendar. The Mariners have the day off. I might trot over to my favorite teriyaki place and pick up my usual which translates to dinner tonight + one dinner in the freezer for later. It's supposed to be hot today and not so hot tomorrow so if I were smart I would wait. But, then if I were smart, I'd be a whole different me!

I love the way my blinds cut the sun into slivers in the mornings.

I remember after my dad died and my mom was on her own and old, she would sometimes just sit there and stare into space. Until then, she's mostly been a dervish all my life - doing this, reading that, moving here and there always. And now she just stared. I asked her about it once and she said 'well, when you get old, it takes longer to get your mind together.' At the time I thought 'stupid answer!'.

Just now, this morning, I just killed about 30 minutes staring into space and getting my mind together.

I truly hope there is a way that she can know how many times every day I finally concede that she was, indeed, right. On a whole bunch of different topics. Including this one. My mind is not particularly together but I think I'll go sew anyway.

Oh here's last night's bear.

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