Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Zoey rarely sleeps with me any more. Probably the heat. But, the other day I noticed a patch of Zoey hair on the sheets... And then last night, when I kept waking up at one point, I caught her sitting on the edge of the bed - staring at me. A black cat just watching me sleep. Now there's something to ponder.

My house is all clean. And my house cleaner brought me a tuna sandwich for lunch. She makes the most delicious tuna sandwiches on the planet. I just ate mine and yum.

I got a bunch of doll bits cut out and ready. Here are 5 of the stacks of dolls ready to assemble.

And here's one getting put together.

And here she is all finished.

And here's her sister.

Next up some bearing while I watch the baseball game.
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