Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I took a break from sewing and moved to the living room to knit and watch the Mariners lose. And when I went back to make another doll, my back was way better able to handle it. So now I'm hopeful again.

I also took some trash down to the dumpster which was a little of a walk which does not hurt. It's getting warm again outside (and by the dumpsters). We are overdue for some 80 degrees+ weather. I'm not bitching, I'm just steeling myself but my trusty weather app says it's not happening - at least not within the next 10 days. We have a couple of near 80 days but nothing outrageous. thankyoujeasus.

The Mariners loss was painful and is now final so I think it's time to find out what's up with Frank and Claire Underwood.

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