Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

ass and teeth

I think I may have started the sewing chair victory dance a little too early. I used it today to sew a doll and I have to say that it was not comfortable enough for me to sew a second doll. BUT, I am fully willing to consider that my discomfort could be a result of getting used to it. So, I'm giving it a week. At least one doll a day for a week using no other chair. Hopefully, I'll be able to do more than one a day but one a day is a minimum and no using the old stool.

In the past few days I have seen or heard conversations about the tooth fairy. There have been no children in my life in pretty much forever. I am pretty intimately involved with the life of children up until the year about 1970 and then after that... nothing.

This means while I know about Sesame Street, I don't know much. There was no such street when I was growing up. Certainly no Pokemon (and I don't know a thing about that). No elf on the shelf (again, no clue there either).

I know these things from passing references but not from personal knowledge.

I learned this week that parents now leave enormous sums of money under pillows and sprinkle the bedroom with glitter for EVERY SINGLE TOOTH a child loses. WTF??? I was shocked.

In the 50's the tooth fairy must have had a second or third job and did the tooth fairy thing as a side gig or hobby.

Very rich kids got a quarter. The rest of us got a dime. FOR THE FIRST TOOTH ONLY. Losing tooth number 2 got you nothing. Ditto for the rest of the mouth full.

Getting paid for every tooth is just a bad economic situation.

I'm getting ready to start week 2 of no TV news and I think, with the Republican Convention looming and people shooting people left and right, I'm not going to have any problem keep the TV news free.

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