Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I went to bed last night believing today would be Monday so when I woke up this morning to NPR in the middle of the Sunday puzzle, I was massively confused. I lay there and tried to figure out why they were doing the Sunday puzzle on Monday. Because of the Republican convention? Maybe the local station fucked up? I tried a bunch of very unsuccessful scenarios and then went to So it's Sunday? Really? No. Really? It was a rather large bought of very heavy mental gymnastics.

I finally realized that it was the baseball that fucked me up. Saturday home baseball is rarely - very rarely in the afternoon like it was yesterday. So that led to last night feeling like Sunday night. I felt better once I got a credible reason figured out.

I got to the gym at 7:45 and had nice visit with Barrie, my swim buddy. And then 8 am came and non opened the door. A crowd gathered but it wasn't until 8:15 that someone who knew where the key was showed up. Averages out the times we've been able to sneak in early. Plus I had no where I had to be at any particular time. So no biggie.

I'm home now and properly breakfasted. The shades are down and the sun is on the other side of them. The air conditioner is keeping it comfortable in there. And I have nowhere I have to go. I have food and ice cream and cookies and Netflix. I am very grateful.

The baseball game starts at 1:15 and this time it is actually Sunday. I'm off to sew.
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