Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

More Saturday

I did some sewing. I did some baseball. I did some eating. It was a pretty nice day all together.

The ball chair is not an immediate back soother but 1. the general consensus is that you need to give it a few days and 2. at least it keeps me moving and not frozen. Even if it turns out to be not a great improvement, I already know it's a little better at least than what I have and certainly more colorful.

I have also been very much better about getting up and taking little walks. Like down to the dumpsters. Or like washing the dishes. It's probably cool enough now to go outside but for the life of me I can't find the interest!

I got $20 towards Amazon restaurants! Somehow in the Prime Day deal there was a $20 reward. And it doesn't look like a first timer deal either. Seeing as how my favorite Prime delivery deal is $35 total with tip (that's a minimum order but generally gives me 6 dinners so pretty much a steal even at full price), I'm seeing some stir fried Mongolian beef in my future.

I'm thinking more House of Cards this evening along with bear knitting.

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