Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


After my swim today, I went to the grocery store. I went back to the one where I found a bunch of excellent goodies in the deli section. Today, nothing good. Which is really fine because the store really isn't convenient and I didn't want to love it.

Then onto the Plan B store. More expensive, more different and a little more convenient. Got some good and interesting things and spent WAY too much money. But, what. Ever.

Last week I lost my credit card. Today I found it. 3 days after the replacement came. The minute I saw it on the floor by the shotgun seat window, I remember exactly when my bag went upside down last Saturday. I had actually been about one or two thoughts away from solving the crime when I pulled the replacement trigger. Oh well, no harm, no fowl (hahahah) since Capital One made replacing so easy.

The baseball is an afternoon game today. I need to put away the groceries and then maybe get a doll made before the game starts. I want to sit on that new chair!
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