Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

If this then that

I keep seeing about the tragedy in nice or the nice disaster and keep reading it NOT as neece but as the kind and gentle and sweet tragedy or disaster. And now turkey's in trouble. I'm not likely to misread that.

I had a package for UPS. The UPS guy delivered and didn't pick up the package so I decided to take it to the UPS office which is just on the other side of McDonald's. I figured a mid-afternoon-end-of-the-week Diet Dr. Pepper Float was in order. BUT, then I pulled out of my garage and there was a UPS truck. So I handed my package to the driver. Heck, I was already out of the garage. McDonald's was only a mile away. No reason to let that UPS driver stand between me and my Diet Dr. Pepper Float. It was delicious.

My ball chair arrived. And I love it. It came in a nice box with a handle. So if I need to return it, no problem.

Mucho assembly and blow job required. That hand pump did not look up to the job and I was worried but, as it turns out, needlessly.

And... damn if it isn't perfect!! The instructions say to wait 24 hours, deflate by half and reblow. So I will but already I love it. It's the perfect height and it feels way better than its predecessor.

And I actually do think I could tuck it into the closet for hiding, if necessary. So, whew. Problem solved.

And dolls made. Baseball soon!

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