Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


It's really amazing to me how empty the gym is these days. I feel like I missed the 'don't go near the gym' memo or something. There are way fewer cars in the parking garage and this morning I spent most of my hour swimming in the pool by myself. Weird but fine by me!

The young woman who staffs the front desk there is annoying but this morning when I got there as she checked me in she said "you always have the cutest shirts on!" Kind of deflated a little of my annoy which, of course, is annoying. ha.

It's another sunny, warm day. However, there's a woman at the front door (Front Door TV Network) wearing a coat, a felt hat and a scarf. Seattlites do wear some weird shit sometimes.

I got my first ever water teeth flosser this week. And I'm not quite sure what to think. It's very messy. I'm not opposed to water but yikes. This thing is rather out of control. The first time I used it I was very underwhelmed. But last night, after dinner, I used it and was shocked to see all the crap it broke loose from in between my teeth. I am not at all inclined to floss my teeth with actual floss. The closest I come is knocking out the big pieces with a plastic pick. Using the water is way more likely to happen in spite of the mess and the valuable bathroom counter real estate it requires. I motivated at least for now to give it a go daily.

2 of my prescriptions pills and my main inhaler are up due for a re-up so today I tried out the pharmacy's online refill deal. I'm going to be there next Tuesday for an eye doctor appointment so I figured it was a goo test. Ran into one glitch but tried it again and easy peasy. I was even able to set it for pick up Tuesday morning.

Nothing going on here today particularly. Chicken's out for thawing for dinner. Ham sandwich for lunch. Dolls to make.

And baseball is back tonight. Yahoo.
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