Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Ok Corral

My brother got me hooked on a book I would have never thought I'd be interested in. Lady at the O.K. Corral: The True Story of Josephine Marcus Earp by Ann Kirschner. Wyatt Earp's common law wife or long time girlfriend was born during the time of the Civil War and lived until 4 years before I was born. And spent 47 of those years with Wyatt Earp. It's fascinating.

When I first moved to Seattle in 1992, the Seattle library had a very crude, convoluted but nonetheless magical way you could tunnel into their system and request holds and check on what holds were ready for pickup, etc. Even though my office at the time was next door to the downtown library, I'd check their system before I walked across the street.

Today, my brother in Texas casually mentions this great book he's reading. I log into the Seattle Public Library and check out the Kindle version. I put a copy on my tablet and a copy on phone. I have 30 days to read it.

Honestly, that all just feels so magical to me.

My folding bridge chair did NOT work for sewing. At all. But I did manage to finish the shirt and then give the machine a thorough cleaning and make a doll. And then my back said 'that's all for you today'.

But, mainly, I spent a lot of time getting my credit card number changed on various websites. Amazon and Google tie for easiest and most convenient. Change it one place and the change is propagated throughout all of the various Amazon and Google properties. T-Mobile is just confusing. But, Etsy is the worst. You actually cannot add a new card until you check out. Lame. But, at least I had a master list. I'm becoming quite a fan of Capital One. I'm still waiting for the debit card from the credit union. I got the pin number in the mail yesterday. Lordknows where the stupid card is. But, I really don't need it. I have a Capital One debit card. I don't really need both anyway.

I think I'll go back to my book for a bit.

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