Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

From my ears to my spine

I had to stop sewing because my back was killing me. So I moved to the living room and turned on the TV. I'm now watching (while I create this entry so, of course, not really watching) a 30 minute program I recorded off of PBS on stretching. If it's on in the background and my spine hears it, it will feel better, right?

Divorcing myself from TV news has been a bit more difficult than I envisioned. Like any bad habit, it's tough to break. Although I've watched the evening news since I was a kid, it didn't get into my DNA until about 15 years ago when I started working from home. 5pm was pretty much my clock out time. I didn't always clock out but it was mentally when I knew the day was over. Time to turn on the news and see what happened while I was heads down.

Even though it's difficult, it has been good. I still kind of mark 5 pm with a change in my day but I don't mark it with TV news. Sometimes it's with NPR but I'm hearing the same stuff I heard on NPR this morning so I think that's not going to be a regular. Sometimes it's House Hunters. And sometimes the TV is off. I want to try different things. Today it is this annoying stretch lady. I think she's going to get muted here pretty soon.

I nearly finished a shirt and cut out a new swim suit and made two dolls.

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