Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Piddling the morning away

The a/c was out at the gym again today. To get to the pool you have to go to the back of the gym. The pool has gynormous glass windows looking into the gym and, on the other side, looking out to the street. Today they were completely fogged up. It gave the pool a really weird feeling. Kind of creepy, kind of cool. I had a great swim regardless.

And then I got home - nearly an hour and a half ago and I have done nothing but piddle on the laptop since. I looked around the Amazon deals and decided I didn't need any of it. I did buy a $50 gift card because it comes with a $10 rebate.

Nothing particular on the agenda today. I do have a load of wash that needs to go to the dryer but that could be it for massive excitement. I cut out a new shirt last night and will probably sew it up today. I have some new swim suit fabric that I love but I'm already the Emelda Marcos of swimsuits. I have a winter shirt pattern in mind that I want to experiment with...

Just a regular day. I think I'll get on with it!
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