Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Fork me

When I did my major house remodel in 2005, I replaced a lot of old stuff. I took every bit of flatware I owned to Goodwill and bought 2 20-piece sets of Ikea's FÖRNUFT.


I noticed a month or so ago that some of the fork tines were not lined up any more. And then, I read someone online asking for simple flatware with good balance and someone else recommended Ikea's SMAKGLAD. A significant upgrade from $8 (And I think, actually I paid $6 for each 20-piece set.) to $30 but, heck, I'm a big fucking spender. So I ordered a set.


OMG heaven! I love this set. The size, the lines, the heft, the balance. I've had them now for about a week and every time I use one, I'm delighted all over again. It's ridiculous but so fun. I'm going to buy a second set next weekend when I'm down that way - just in case.
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