Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My theory about the gym on weekends holds. If one day is crowded the other day won't be. Yesterday it was packed. Today, just me and Barrie in the pool and nearly no one in the rest of the gym. Weird. But fine by me.

It's supposed to rain today but so far we've got just partly cloudy. If the clouds let the sun through it could get too warm but just now it's fine. Door open, a/c off. The marching drum and cymbal band that practices over outside the stadium is sounding good. All is fine.

I got no dolls made yesterday. I got some cut out and ready to sew and a batch of faces finished and new pattern pieces made. My old cardboard ones were getting kind of raggity. Today will be at least one doll made... maybe more.

I just sneezed 3 times in a row. Now my nose will run for 30 minutes and the skin around the base of it will turn red and raw. I think it's the price of having the door open. I really don't get the appeal of the great outdoors. I like the quiet and I like hearing the drums but the rest of it is pretty annoying.

Baseball is at 11 today and then that's it until Friday. I do not enjoy the All Star game and I really do not enjoy the All Star break but, regardless of how I feel, they still do it every year. Sigh.

As I have done in recent years, I have saved the latest season of House of Cards to get me through.

Off now to the sewing room.
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