Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Nice morning

Before opening this morning, the gym suffered an electrical outage. The gym itself was pretty hot and humid but the pool was perfection. A little colder than usual which was just fine by me. The windows where totally fogged over. It was a little strange. But a great swim was had.

Then I dumped my swim stuff into the car and grabbed my backpack and hit the streets. The festival was just opening. The weather was perfection. Sun breaks, cloud breaks, a lovely breeze. Just perfect. Since it had just opened, there were no crowds. I could and did walk easily up and down the street looking at all the fun stuff. The festival is about 8 blocks worth of stuff to see. It was great fun. While I loved looking at all the stuff, I didn't find anything that I needed to buy.

My favorite bit - a parking lot where they bring in baby animals of all kinds for the kids to see wasn't set up yet. They said it would be set up by noon. Not fun enough to wait for.

So I wandered back to my car via the grocery store where I picked up a few things and then back to my car. I managed to get home just as the soccer crowds were moving from the park where they have their pre-game rally to the stadium. The entrance to my garage is smack in the middle. Because of blocked off streets, it took me twice as long to maneuver the last 10th of a mile as it did the other 4.3 miles from the gym to home. BUT... it was cool out, the sun wasn't in my eyes, the people watching was pretty excellent and the cops directing traffic were very helpful.

Now I'm home. Zoey is bitching about something but I'm not clear what. She's been fed and even still has some left in her bowl and yet, here she is right at my knee meowing loudly.

The Mariner game starts in an hour an a half. I think I might just go see what's up in the doll making room while I wait.

Here's what got finished last night:

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