Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Oh my achin' back

My lower back feels like it's been the dance floor for a group of stomp dancers. I didn't really do anything different today than usual. Maybe a little more cutting out of dolls than sewing. (I cut out standing up and sew sitting down.) But ouch. I went to the post office and had to stand in line for a fair amount of time. Ouch ouch ouch.

So I shut down the sewing machine early. I had hand work to do on the new faces anyway so I got that done. And then I did a back stretch for about 10 minutes and now it feels a little better.

Tomorrow, after my swim, I'm going to walk up to the neighborhood festival. It runs down the main drag there in West Seattle for several blocks. I went last year and enjoyed it thoroughly so I'm going back. I need get out the backpack and sun hat and put them by my swim stuff.

Oh! I just got an email from the clinic where my doctors are. They use My Chart and have now added appointment scheduling!! This is very very cool. Happily, however, my three doctors (lung, eyeball, and general) are now happy to only see me once a year so scheduling isn't the PIA it used to be but still. I'm happy to have the option and even happier not to need it!!

Here's today's doll...

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