Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Ostriching me

It took me longer than most to give up having newspapers delivered to my door and it's taken me longer than most to give up TV news. But, today's the day. I read a tweet yesterday that some poll reported only old people watch TV news. Well, here's one less old person watching.

It's not the news itself, it's the telling me how I should feel about the news by 20 year olds. I want to find out what happened. I do not want commentary on what happened. I never want to hear tragic or horrific or heart felt or even sad. I will determine how I feel about the facts. I don't want some TV person doing that for me.

And the drama. OMG The hysteria of the delivery of the news makes me want to punch out the delivers. If the drama scale was 1-10 with 1 being BBC, both our local and national news readers would come in on about 25 on a boring day and 250 when things are really happening.

My brother wants a drama dial that he can adjust for news. I think he's on to something.

I'm not sure where I'm going to get those facts from here on out but I know where I'm not going to get them. My TiVo, every night, records 3 different stations of local news and 3 different networks of national news. I don't watch all of it but I do spend about an hour watching bits and pieces of each. I just deleted all of those recording requests. I'm done.

I noodled all of this out while I was swimming this morning. I struggled to come up with anything lately that I'd seen on TV news that I hadn't known before - mostly via Twitter, actually. I see the news on Twitter and then follow links where I want more info so I'm guessing that's where I will get my facts.

I may listen to more NPR but this morning I even turned it off when I kept hearing - oh so dramatically - about tragic, horrific, sad... and not hearing reporting of the incidents that they were commanding I feel sad, horrific and tragic about.

I just deleted about a dozen One Passes on TiVo. All news shows. I'm officially done.

I'm old and I no longer give a shit. I'm actually perfectly ok to live in ignorance. It's a luxury I'm grateful for.

I'm also grateful for a pool nearly to myself today and another day of relatively cool. I need to make some new doll faces today.

I actually do have a short non inside the house list things I'd like to do soonish:

1. fabric store for more face fabric
2. walmart for some cheap knit fabric to test a new pattern with
3. Museum of History and Industry to see the toy exhibit

1 and 2 are probably best done on a weekend together after a swim. Maybe next week. The third one is penciled in for August 4 - first Thursday free day.

I think about leaving the house all the time. I should go here, that would be fun to go there... and I just don't. I do love having the choices, though.
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