Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Annoying things rise to the frustrating level really quickly in hot weather. I hate hot weather. At least the sun is still not out. Whew.

Zoey wouldn't move so I could get doll pictures so I decided to walk across the street and get my monthly cash from the ATM. But the ATM rejected me. "Data on your card has expired"??? I looked at the card (debit card which I only use once a month to get cash from the ATM) and, sure enough, valid through 6/16. WTF??

So I called BECU. Why the hell didn't you send me a new card?? Well, we are replacing all the cards with chip cards and I guess they just thought they would wait on yours until the chip cards came out. I can go to one of their special branches (special, in this case, means not even remotely convenient to me) and get a card or they will send me one in 7 to 10 days.

Last year BECU check deposit phone app sucked so badly that I opened up a backup check/savings account at Capital One. Doubly glad I did today. I've actually been using the account a fair amount and, after today, will likely be using it a lot more. BECU is working my last nerve here.

After making an effort this morning and going through that horrible telephone tree to the cable company to cancel my service call, of course at 1:57, I get a knock on my door and it's Wade from Wave Broadband "I'm here to fix your cable problem." My cable problem is that I hate your company about as much as Comcast... can you fix that? (Also how the fuck did you get into the building?).

Clearly my mood is not just a little fractured today. It's pretty much busted.

I think I might just take my Capital One and go back to the ATM so at least maybe I can let that go.

I did get some fun dolls made.

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