Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The most lovely morning

The door to the terrace is open, there's a marvelous breeze, no sun and it's so quiet without the air conditioner running. My thermometer says it's 59 degrees. Perfection.

This morning when I got to the pool, there were two lanes occupied. One had a young woman I had not seen before. She was in a performance suit with a cap and goggles and doing laps without stopping. She was mainly doing backstroke with some breathstroke now and again. She wasn't breaking speed records but she was also not taking any breaks at all. An hour later, when I was finishing up she was still going. At the wall, she'd hold her nose with one hand and then perform a slow but lovey flip turn and continue on. As I was waiting for her to turn again so I could cross her lane to the steps, I noticed she still had the protective plastic with log on her goggles! So weird. After my shower, as I walked by, I looked and she was still going strong.

I fixed the issue with the TV channel and cancelled the cable guy. Whew. I did peruse the Comcast TV rates. I have the luxury of being able to switch between Wave Broadband and Comcast for TV. I also have the luxury of not being forced to chose on price alone. When I first switched to Wave, they didn't even have a telephone tree. It was lovely. Now they are as annoying as Comcast. If I had the energy, I'd switch every year and get their 'join us' introductory pricing. I'm no where near a cord cutter and can not envision giving up my TV so I'll just bitch when something happens and try to appreciate it the rest of the time.

Since I don't have to fuck with the cable guy today, my day gets instantly brighter. There will be dolls. There will be baseball. And I plan to wallow in the cool and overcast.
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