Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Today is house cleaner day. She should be here before I finish this entry. I've had my swim and made a grocery store run. The sun is out so I'm delighted to be in. According to my various weather sources, this should be the last day of sun for a while. Rain's in the forecast but I'm guessing it's intermittent spitting and clouds which is perfection for me.

Last night we had the home owners board meeting and I learned that we will likely be seeing an assessment this year. In condo land, an assessment is when each unit owner is hit up for extra $$. We've had a couple in the past 25 years. The earthquake of 2001 was the reason for one and a board out of control who decided we needed to redecorate (about 5 years too soon and they did a poor job) was another. I think the earthquake one was about $6k and the redecoration was about $3k.

This time they are fixing the 100+ year old brick on one side of the building and doing needed roof maintenance. This board is very thoughtful and smart. So at least I know whatever the bill is, the money will be spent well. Condo owners are, generally, a pretty whiny bunch and they are going to shit bricks when they find out about this. I don't envy the board. I'm just grateful that I don't have to do a damn thing except pay. I'm guessing it will be about $5k. They will offer a payment plan at little or no interest.

Another big bill that looms is car maintenance. It's been nearly 2 years since my car has been serviced. The dealership says to wait until the maintenance light comes on. It's bound to come on soon and the next round of maintenance is a big one. Probably $2k. We're coming up on the 5th birthday of my little car which I hope to keep running longer than me.

As long as the sun is out, I'm going nowhere. My plans are to stay inside and sew. As usual. Baseball at 5. House cleaner is here. I need to put away the groceries so she can get to the kitchen!
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