Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Every night before I go to sleep, I plug my Pixel tablet into the charger. It's mainly used for playing games and several have important historical totals on them. This morning I happened to notice that the lights normally not on were on so I checked the tablet and it was in dead man's limbo. Not on but not off with no action from the buttons. Fuck. It's still under warranty but I don't want a replacement. I don't want to have to build those game totals all over again...

During my swim, I thought of several troubleshooting things I could try. When I came home none of them worked. So I called Google. Google hardware support used to be very good. Now it's your typical minimum wage, let me check the book, I'm so sorry Susan that you are having these issues Susan let me assure you Susan I will fix them for you Susan.

While she was looking through her books for ideas, I kept trying stuff. The tablet uses USB C and I happened to have two different kinds of USB C cables at the ready (one for my phone and one for my laptop). I had the tablet plugged into one and I decided to try the other one. When I unplugged it, BINGO the Google Android start up logo appeared. Whew. All was fixed. Nice troubleshooting trick to add to my toolchest.

My swim buddy Barrie was back today! She hasn't been there in a couple of weeks. I thought maybe she was on vacation. But, nope, she did something ugly to her back and her doctor said no swimming for 10 days. Her 10 days are up. It was fun to see her again.

There's a big soccer game today. On my way home this morning I saw they already had the queue fencing up. And there's an even bigger one - LA Galaxy - on Saturday at noon. Note to self, either come right home right after swim or plan to be out til mid afternoon.

The baseball game is at 5 today and the home owners association board meeting is at 6. Otherwise, the usual is planned. Sewing and piddling around being retired. It's a good life for sure.
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