Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Holiday done

The sky east of here looks dark and menacing. If I were on the east coast, I would worry because you can bet if you can see the weather coming, you will be in that weather shortly. Here on the west coast, all bets are off. Between micro climates and other weirdness, you can see weather to the north, east, west or south of you that you will never actually experience. I have no clue where it goes, I just know, from experience, it does.

It's been a nice day. Quiet and fine and, happily, cool. The gym was pretty deserted. I was just grateful that it was open, even late, on a holiday. Apparently while I was networking yesterday, I stretched a lot of muscles that don't get much play. When I first started my swim, they started screaming but they calmed down by the time we were done. My thighs and back are particularly annoyed. Reaching, bending... not in my muscles' play list.

I did listen to the Capital Steps show. It wasn't one of their best. I think this election year is a parody of it's own. Kind of hard to top. I watched the Mariners play a good game but not good enough. I thoroughly enjoyed my new wifi power in the sewing room.

I finished my latest shirt, did two loads of laundry (folded and put away!), changed the sheets on the bed, made a doll and finished a bear. Not a bad day's work.

I just cut up some new potatoes that weren't getting any younger and tossed them in an egg/cream mixture with some grated cheese. It's in the oven now with some little country ribs. I had a late-ish breakfast and no lunch and I'm hungry.

TV and bear making tonight. I think I'm getting used to holidays. I didn't find this one annoying at all.
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