Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Getting bytes organized

I did no sewing yesterday. Once I got this elegant new network set up, I decided to tidy up all network things. I ended up eliminating a fair amount of hardware. And cleaned up cables to make things easier to find/identify and to look nice. I changed around some other stuff. Plugging, unplugging, testing, fixing. Plus, I went from 6 SSIDs to 1.

One of the cool features of the app is that it lists all devices on the network and lets you assign nicknames to each. So finally I have a comprehensive list with mac addresses of all my stuff. And it's only 2 clicks away right on my phone. Handy. Very handy.

Then I packed up all the cables and hardware no longer needed and stored it out in the terrace cupboards. I even did a paint repair where some of the cable holders took some paint with them when I took them down.

The Eero stuff says that it can take a while (like a day) for the network to get all of its communications relaying optimally. Sure enough, this morning, I'm getting much better speeds than yesterday in the most difficult spots.

Now it's all done and working fine and dandy. Very cool.

Today the baseball game is at 11 and I expect there will be sewing. I also want to be sure and catch the Capital Steps show. It's cloudy and cool out this morning and promises to stay that way all day. Yesterday I didn't even need my air conditioner on. In July. It was heaven.
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