Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Eero - a miracle

The Eero system replaced my router and two wireless extenders. This is the report I sent my brother:

1. For generally setting up the net work it is truly unbelievable. I mean really. You will not believe it. Except for the aging Axis cam, I had the old out and the new completely set up in 15 minutes. I am not kidding. Zoey could have done it without waking up from her nap.

2. You need 2 pods to set up the network. Additional ones just give you more coverage. The sewing room instantly went from a spotty 2 MBPS to 35 and the instructions say that it takes 24 hours for the network to ramp up the speed.

3. Each pod has 2 ethernet ports. So one plugs into the router and you still have one left on that one but then you have 2 on each of the others before you even have to use a switch.

4. It's very pretty.

5. This laptop (wireless in the living room) is at 91 MBPS.

6. I'm declaring victory here. Pricey yes. Worth it? Fuck yeah!

Also easy to assign nicknames to connected devices list. Guest Access. Family Profiles. Also easy to open up a port and assign a specific IP address to a specific device.

I do wish there was web UI - it's all via phone app which is kind of annoying but I'll get over it.

Turns out the most difficult connection was the Echos! I finally dug out my old Fire tablet and only then was I able to change their wifi connection. Weird.

But I am very very very impressed with Eero.
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