Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


While I was swimming (which felt amazing this morning, thankgoodness), I remembered what I now think is the cause of last night's distress. Denny's. I'm going to believe that's what it was because #1. I hadn't been there in ages and I wasn't impressed so very very easy to never eat there again and #2. I don't like any of the other options.

Just had a creamy scrambled egg that was delicious. I think I'm cured from my bout with Denny-itis.

When I got out of the pool and looked at my phone, I had a text that the network system I ordered yesterday had already been delivered. It was at my door when I got home. I suspect Amazon customer service intervened. Even when they are early OnTrac rarely gets here before noon. And never do they put the package at my door. I was pretty annoyed at Amazon's customer service reply yesterday. Now I'm thinking my rush to judgement was a bit hasty.
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